cantine frasca - the wine from modica

Cantina Frasca  - there is more than half a century of history. A project that - since 1967, with the first vineyard - has seen a great synergy (of love and profession) between the Frasca and Calabrese families.

The best grapes of the  Val di Noto ,  Agrigento  and  Marsala , more than fifty vintages since then: the century and the millennium have changed, but not the attentions and traditions (unchanging, of iron).

The miracle is that of nature, with wonderful bunches of grapes. We add the dutiful and scrupulous respect towards him, but also the experience and passion. All to bottle wines with a story inside

In our wine we do not add yeasts or preservatives, we limit sulphites to a minimum (think: in our reds there is a lower quantity than that of organic wine)

We do not use corks (they would make the wine sour, make more sulphites necessary) but we do it in order to not allow it to breathe and to keep it at its best without the need for other substances.