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It has a pale peach colour, and its aroma is led by sweetfleshed fruits in addition to tutti-frutti notes. Juicy fruits and delicate spiciness can be felt in the taste. Reductively prepared, light and aromatic white wine. It is completely identical to the reductive white wine making process, however, it is made from blue grapes, so during the processing we use 40% of the must (beginning of the pressing section). During the production process, there is no natural formation of carbonic acid, the carbon dioxide is added artificially afterwards, so the pressure in the bottle is much lower than in other sparkling wines (minimum 1, maximum 2.5 bar). The drink feels fresher and lighter than other types of wine, and it is much fresher and a better thirst quencher. As a result of the carbonic acid bubbles, we feel the fruity flavors and aromas more intensely.

Villányi Syrah White


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